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Quasi-Judicial Tribunals

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Residential Tenancy 

Dispute Resolution

The Residential Tenancy Dispute Resolution Service provides a faster, less formal, and less expensive option than going to the courts to settle a dispute between a Landlord and a tenant.

Both landlords and tenants are eligible to make applications under the Residential Tenancy Act and the Mobile Home Sites Tenancies Act.  The dispute resolution has a maximum financial jurisdiction of up to $50,000 and can be enforced in the same way as a court order.

John is experienced in both landlord and tenant side dispute resolution and is poised to assist you in your dispute.

Subdivision and Development Appeals

Subdivision and Development Appeal Boards throughout the province are quasi-judicial boards established under the Municipal Government Act and the various municipalities' Bylaws throughout the province.  These boards review decisions of the municipal administration as they relate to Subdivision and Property Development.  These boards are independent of the Municipal Development Authorities and make evidence based decisions.

John is experienced in matters of municipal development and is well suited to assist you through your SDAB Appeals process anywhere in the Province of Alberta

License and Community Standards Appeals

The license and Community Standards Appeal board is established by both the Municipal Government Act, and the Bylaws of Calgary and hears appeals related to decisions of the City of Calgary related to:

  • Livery Licenses (Taxi)

  • Alarm Permits

  • Business Licences

  • Bicycle Couriers

  • Combative Sports

  • Concerts

  • Dating and Escort Services

  • Exotic Entertainers

  • Massage Parlours

  • Remedial Orders (Bylaw enforcement)

  • Weed Control and others

John's analysis will provide creative solutions to your licensing and community standards disputes.

Human Rights Tribunals

All provinces and the federal government have Human Rights legislation, and accordingly tribunals to adjudicate breaches of those acts.

The commissions and tribunals generally have a two-fold mandate. To foster equality and reduce discrimination.  They tend to fulfill their mandates by community education, resolution and settlement of complaints and ultimately through the various tribunals and the courts.

John is able to assist with Applications to the Human Rights Tribunals in all of the Territories and the Provinces of AB, BC, NB, and NL as well as the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal.

Property Tax Assessment Reviews

Various Assessment Review Boards (ARB) are assembled throughout Alberta by the municipalities and are quasi-judicial boards.  Their Authority comes from the Municipal Governments Act.

Local ARB's such as the Calgary Assessment Review Board have the ability to hear property tax reviews for residential assessments with 3 or fewer dwelling units, farmland.

The Municipal Government Board will oversee Composite Assessment Review Boards which have the ability to review assessments for properties with 4 or more dwelling units and all non-residential property.

These boards are independent of the municipalities and the provincial government and are responsible to hold impartial reviews and adhere to the principles of procedural fairness and natural justice.

John is able to assist in all ARBs established within Alberta.

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Military Grievances External Review Committee

The Military Grievances External Review Committee is established under the NAtional Defence act and is a quasi-judicial tribunal with the mandate to conduct Final Authority Review of Military Grievances, either by obligation or by request of the Chief of the Defence Staff.

With 20 years experience in the Canadian Armed Forces many of them as a unit Adjutant. John is highly experienced with Military Grievances and the Military Grievance Process and is standing ready to assist you with all aspects of your Military Grievance.

Veterans Review and Appeal Board

The Veterans Review and Appeals Board has the exclusive jurisdiction to review all appeals and reviews of decisions made under the Pension Act, Veterans Well-Being Act, War Veterans Allowance Act, and certain reviews with respect to the RCMP.

As a Veteran himself John knows how frustrating it can be to deal with Veterans Affairs and is committed to reducing the stress that an appeal can take.  John works closely with the Bureau of Pensioners Advocates to fiercely advocate on your behalf.

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Military Specific Appeals and Reviews