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Immigration Law

Canada is known to provide one of the fastest ways for skilled workers to immigrate and to have one of the friendliest immigration policies in the world. Do you desire to relocate to Canada but have no idea where to begin? Do you know what the process is but don’t have the time or resources to deal with the complexities?

Have you applied to enter into Canada and been declared inadmissible and refused entry? Do you believe that you should be admissible into Canada despite the refusal? Do you know that you can appeal a refusal of your immigration application?

If so, reach out to Chinenye at MacMillan Knight LLP immediately to discuss what options are available to you. We take the burden from you and will provide you the guidance required to deal with the complexities of the Canadian immigration process at a cost-effective rate.


We assist with immigration in the following practices:

  • Visa Applications

       - Study permit

       - Temporary resident

       - Permanent resident

       - Spousal sponsorship

       - Family sponsorship

  • Admissibility hearings & appeals

  • Judicial reviews

  • Refugee application & appeals

Refugee Appeals


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Refugee, Asylum Applications

& Refugee Appeals

Has your human rights and freedom been violated? Have you been persecuted due to your race, religion, political opinions, sexual orientation etc and are you in need of protection? Canada offers protection to refugee and asylum seekers.

To be eligible for and offered a refugee and asylum seeker status in Canada, the refugee must be living in Canada and provide proof that they would be in danger if sent back to their country. Danger includes torture, risk to their life or cruel and unusual punishment or treatment.

An application for refugee and asylum seeker status goes to the Immigration officers, who reviews the application and decides if it is eligible to be presented to the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (“IRB”). The Refugee Protection Division (“RPD”) of the IRB is responsible for determining if you are in need of Canada's protection.

If your refugee claim has been refused by the IRB, your case may still be heard at the Refugee Appeal Division (“RAD”). A person may be able to appeal a refusal by proving that the RPD’s decision was wrong in fact and/or law. The RAD may also allow new evidence to be introduced to the record if certain conditions are met.

Usually, there are limitations or deadlines for filing an appeal. If you intend to appeal your refusal, you should take immediate steps to retain a counsel to assist you with the process. Your appeal can either result in a return of your application to the RPD for a new hearing; confirmation of the rejection or a decision setting aside the decision and substituting the decision with a new one allowing your appeal.

At MacMillan Knight LLP, we understand how critical an application and subsequent appeal if you get rejected are and Chinenye is happy to assist you through the process.

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