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Construction Disputes

John provides professional construction litigation services that support you through all phases of the litigation process. He has in-depth knowledge about construction laws in British Columbia and Alberta, and thoroughly analyzes each dispute to gain complete understanding from every angle to ensure the best outcome for you.

Whether you’re an owner, a contractor, or a supplier, John can help with mediation, arbitration, and litigation to make sure you’re treated and compensated fairly and are able to get back to business as quickly as possible.

Real Estate Litigation

The legal maxim of caveat emptor, or “buyer beware”, is a well-entrenched principle of Alberta real property law. Accordingly a buyer assumes the cost of any defects in the land and cannot sue. 
This is not always the case and there are exceptions,  the most common is the latent defect.  A Latent Defect is a defect that would or could render the property (or a portion of it) uninhabitable, and the seller knew about, and the buyer could not have found during a reasonable inspection.

John can provide a professional analysis and information on your latent defect dispute allowing you to make informed decisions about potential litigation or mediation.

Contract Disputes

John. understands that not all contracts are always clear and a contract may not always prevent someone from taking advantage of the other party. As a result a breach of contract dispute is quite common and can lead to complex litigation.

John has extensive experience working for clients who have been accused of a breach, or have had a contract breached, as a result he is well positioned to provide you appropriate information to make an informed decision.

Civil Litigation

John has the experience and determination to advocate for clients in the courtroom, in arbitrations, and mediations in a variety of his practice areas extend to a wide range of civil litigation disputes, including:

  • Building or other construction disputes

  • Claims by and against engineers, architects, surveyors, accountants and other specialized advisors relating to the services they provide

  • Claims between neighbours, owners and occupiers of land in trespass, nuisance, etc.



John has extensive experience serving copyright owners in British Columbia and Alberta who have had their copyrights infringed. John helps to prepare and file all the necessary documents and prosecute all types of Copyright litigations.

He explores all available dispute resolution strategies and makes sure you understand your options so you can make the most informed decision. 


John understands the financial and emotional effect of an employment dispute and stands ready to represent both employers and employees.  This hybrid practice gives John and insight into both sides of the dispute and helps him provide you information that leads to fair and cost effective resolution.

John is experienced across the spectrum of employment disputes including:

  • Employment Agreements

  • Wrongful and Constructive Dismissal

  • Employment Standards (AB, BC, and the Canada Labour Code)

  • Human Rights in Employment.

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