Other Litigation

MacMillan Knight LLP has the experience and determination to advocate for clients in the courtroom, in arbitrations, and mediations in a variety of corporate litigation and commercial litigation areas. Our practice areas extend to a wide range of civil litigation disputes, including:

  • Claims arising from corporate oppression and shareholders' disputes

  • Claims relating to failed asset and share purchase agreements

  • Claims arising from breaches of fiduciary obligations and duties

  • Building or other construction disputes

  • Engineering disputes

  • Claims by and against engineers, architects, surveyors, accountants and other specialized advisors relating to the services they provide

  • Claims by and against municipal authorities relating to their statutory duties concerning the development of land or the construction of buildings

  • Claims relating to the design, supply and installation of computers, computer software and related network systems

  • Claims relating to licensing or infringement of Intellectual Property (IP)

  • Claims relating to the quality of goods sold or rented, and work done, materials supplied or services rendered

  • Claims between landlord and tenant for breach of a repairing covenant

  • Claims between neighbours, owners and occupiers of land in trespass, nuisance, etc.

  • Claims relating to the environment (e.g. pollution cases)

  • Claims arising out of fires

  • Claims involving taking of accounts

  • Challenges to decisions of arbitrators in technology, construction and engineering disputes